Gilda Midani
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Gilda Midani is a multitalented artist, exploring textiles and shapes as a media to convey her ideas and aesthetic flair. Her career began in the 80’s as a photographer, working extensively in the advertising, editorial and especially music business.  Gilda signed record covers of some of the greatest Brazilian composers like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Lenine amongst others.  It was in the 90’s that she moved to New York and initiated her journey in the fashion world as an executive producer for innumerous international editorials and campaigns alongside high end professionals such as Steven Klein, Ellen von Unwerth and Mikael Jansson. Meanwhile, Gilda was invited to design costumes for theater and opera having worked on masterpieces like “Tristan and Isold” in the Weimar opera and “Moses and Aaron” in Graz Austria. This opportunity allowed her to investigate materials and techniques from diverse historical and technical origins. Combining this experience with her burning new passion for textiles, Gilda presented in 2004 her first RTW Woman collection during Creators Week in Paris.

In 2008, Gilda Midani Stores were opened in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and the brand is now being sold worldwide.

Gilda´s consistent use of surprising materials, her creation of soothing silhouettes and her ability to transcend and even bypass any current trend has placed her in a unique position in the fashion market. So much so, that this season another Gilda Midani line will be re launched; the Comfort RTW Menswear.

Evolving from Warhol´s axiom, Gilda sincerely wishes that all beings in this new world will shift to contemplate 15 minutes of peace instead of fame.

Refining comfort, giving it elegance and glamour seems to be the paradox that makes Gilda Midani’s work so special. Clothes to wear in the freest way possible and that are always suitable for the finest moments… they are for pushing and pulling, wrapping and tying… to wear and be carried away by delightful sensations of intimacy and coziness. That’s what has made her brand a synonym of uniqueness and creativity. Gilda creates art pieces from the purest cotton and silk. This collection remains true to the concept of timelessness, always exploring movement and texture. The weave, imbued with the brand's DNA, is now processed with unusual materials such as coal, copper and gypsum on silicon. The stripes in batik are a profusion of colors, from neutral to blends of purple and guava and cloudy tones.

Gilda Midani is constantly refining the definition of Comfort… Always assembling elegance with ease… As free as possible.