Midnight Methods
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Invitation au voyage.

David Hadida is a natural-born t-shirt designer. Born, raised, and living in Paris, under the influence, the good one: the influence of fashion and design (his parents are the founders of l’Eclaireur).

 The t-shirt adventure started when he was a kid, and quickly became something of a passionate job. At the age of 14 he designed and « sold » his first tee, for a souvenir shop that was bought by hundreds, maybe thousands!

That was twenty years ago. Since then he must have designed about five or six hundreds of them.

 Part of his journey happened in London, working 6 years for the streetwear brand « Criminal », before coming back to his hometown to pursue his personal projects.

MIDNIGHT METHODS is David’s latest t-shirt venture.

A few years ago he decided to create a line of tees and sweatshirts, inspired by the anarchy-chic vibe that inhabits him. A graphic ensemble made with refined fabrics and innovative cuts.

David’s Midnight Methods is lively, iconoclast, intensely dark yet sparkling with light and irony.

But how deep exactly is David’s magic hat...?