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Once upon a time…

… there was a fashion agency in Salzburg, Austria. The owners, Iris and Christian Obojes, were looking for a cool premium beanie label with an authentic story, outstanding quality and eye-catching design. But they could not find one. So they decided to make their own.
This was back in 2010. The first Warm-ME collection was presented to customers at PREMIUM Berlin in January 2011. Today – having sold more than 20.000 beanies to more than 200 customers around the globe – Warm-ME is THE premium cashmere beanie, handmade in Nepal out of the finest yarns available.


We love cashmere

Warm-ME is handmade in Nepal. The people in Nepal still do the knitting as they always used to do it: some styles are hand-knitted with knitting needles, the bigger part is hand-loomed at traditional wooden looms. So each Warm-ME is a unique piece of craftsmanship – individual and unique as its holder. But no matter what style, no matter what colour – they all have the same unique soft touch and feel, because only the finest cashmere yarns are used for Warm-ME. It takes the thin hair of one cashmere goat for knitting one beanie. The hair is carefully combed out by hand, carefully processed into fine yarns and dyed in an eco-friendly way.


We want you to look and to feel good

We have one simple question guiding the design process: “Does this beanie, this new style, make you look better?” We want you to look and to feel good. That is why we use the finest cashmere yarns with the softest touch only. You should feel cozy and you should feel good when wearing a Warm-ME.