Ronald Pineau
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The RONALD PINEAU accessory collection is a line of belts, bracelets, ties and necklaces all made with raw and natural leathers.Manufactured in France, his line is inspired by the rock culture and movements of the 70s and early 80s. The materials used  to produce the collection go from natural cow leather, plane or leopard and zebra printed poney hide, to crocodile and python skins,  all entirely  leather-lined,  The pieces are set with diamond engraved nail bits or cabochons, old metallic studs with micro strass inserts, Swarovski rhinestones, mink fur inserts …..They carry ornaments such as mink or fox tails, or old chains, keys and pendants in vintage silver and bronze which are part of the French heritage of the 17th and 18th century. All pieces being made by hand, this work redefines a new idea of luxury based on sturdiness, longevity and Rarity.  Due to the artisanal method of manufacturing, the Pieces are distributed in limited quantities to selected stores around the world. Ronald is also a d.j. and he is playing British rock, indie, garage, mods and punk-rock. His sets are energetic, cultural and sophisticated. He is mixing all the actual british bands, with older major bands from the 60’, late 70’ and the early 80’ and with some more unknown bands.  His reference bands are The Sonics, The Kinks, The Jam, The Ramones, The Damned, and all the new British and American rock scenes such as, The Rakes, Bloc Party, Maximo Park, The Paddingtons, The Strokes, The Klaxons, Shitdisco, The Foals, and some other obscure bands. He is resident of the monthly party « nu modern » in Paris.