Simona Tagliaferri
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Studies in Architecture and one specialization in gemology .

Many Years consacrated to accessories, from jewelry to the bag , and a severe passion for the matter .

Simona Tagliaferri is the alive demonstration of the versatility of the design , which combines knowledge and product construction.

Exhibitions in several museums of contemporary art and brands which became famous with her style , she likes to call herself a "cannibal for research and innovation."

But the trace of her work is always an attraction to the aesthetic purity.

Four worlds and one universe . The rectangle as humus , the scope of experience and knowledge saturation.

The rectangle as the home of plots and ground for experimentation. The rectangle worked on horizontal planes.

Strong and consistent basis of each piece.

Weaves of cotton, either dyed in cloth or once the vest is done, weaved linens , perforated and treated laces , raw linen threads and then again brocades of gold and platinum , of cottoned knitted fabric, washed silk  and watersnakes - karung and pythons.

Planets created for Woman from whose rib germinates Man, contriving to subvert the order of creation.

Plots and style are the same, different are lines and structures . Man is a universe of its own , that shares the matter and not the shape with Woman.